לוח לדוגמא

We assist calendar editors in various ways:
1. Creating tables of excel files for dates and Zmanay Hallacha according to geographical location, time and opinion required. These Zmanim will be integrated and put in place by the graphic artist himself.
2. Organizing ready to print PDF files of weekly or monthly calendars that include all the pertinent Zmanim according to the customer's demand.
3. Marketing software for creating time tables or yearly calendars by PDF files.
4. Checking and repairing existing calendars.

Preparing a Jewish calendar is a complex task that requires an extensive knowledge of calendar rules. Only a few individuals have engaged in creating calendars in the past. They have made calendars that suited their particular location and had them made according to the particular opinions they favored, however, for other locations these calendars were not fitting.
For example, the famous "Eretz Yisrael Calendar" by Harav Hagaon R. Tikotzinsky ZT"L that offers the correct Zmanim for Yerushalayim and contains instructions for evaluating approximate Zmanim for other locations.
Meanwhile, as computers have developed, calendar creators have increased and have made location suited calendars relatively easy to create. As a result, errors have began to increase and as opposed to the few errors that were common in the past, contemporarily, we may find calendars that are entirely erroneous either because of the individual running the software or because of software "bugs". Therefore, even for us today, it is vital to thoroughly verify the calendar's accuracy and check for external flaws as well before its publication.

1. Mars 6, 2011 – update released for the program "Daily Zmanim in Hallachah - Net 4" version 7.02.
Enhancement of GUI for choosing locations.
2. Free download of program for creating weekly or monthly calendars for the year 5770.
3. Video lecture on Hilchos Kiddush Hachodesh available for downloading on the Kol Halashon site.